The Cowboy State Games is a member of the National Congress of State Games.

In 1986, the Cowboy State Games were created and were run successfully for two-years in Cheyenne, Wyoming by Dr. Mark Rinne. In 1988, the Games were moved to Casper and were focused more on the Winter Games.

The Games were operated successfully for 19-years by Ms. Eileen Ford until 2007. During their run, the Games at one time had more than 5,000 competing athletes each year. In conversation with people throughout Wyoming, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a connection to the Games. Most reflect to when they played when they were a kid.

Born from an intense desire to compete, Shawn Powell and others resurrected the Games as the Wyoming State Games in 2014. Operating on a shoestring budget the games were able to provide opportunities in limited sports. Relying solely on entry fees and discounted venue costs, the Games lived until 2017.

By request and in agreement with the organizers of the Wyoming State Games, the Casper Sports Alliance assumed the role of the organizer of the Games in the Fall of 2016.

Immediately, there was a return to the original name and The Cowboy State Games returned in 2017!

The State Games are a part of the National Congress of State Games (NCSG) which has more than 33 member states. Three of the states are developing nation states – Wyoming is one of them. These Games are widely recognized as each State’s Olympic style Games. As a State that’s interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle for its citizens, most states support and use the Games to promote that agenda.

As we look toward the next five years, the Cowboy State Games will be looking to reach the level of 5,000 athletes competing in the Games each year. We plan to provide as many sports as we have the ability to host.

Medalists from our applicable Games are able to compete in the State Games of America during odd-years.