If you're wondering - 3x3 Lacrosse.  Fast and furious!

This year will be the inaugural year for Chumash.  We are expecting teams from around Wyoming and Utah to compete.

Hosted for the Cowboy State Games by the Sweetwater Lopes Lacrosse Club.

Rock Springs August 3, 4 & 5 2018. As part of the Cowboy State Games, the Sweetwater Lopes Lacrosse Club is hosting the first ever Chumash Competition! Chumash, a modified 3 vs 3 lacrosse game game, is played nationwide, helping to build the sport and promote life- long gamesmanship.

We will have teams from all four of our state programs (Jackson, Cody, Gillette, and Rock Springs), as well as projected teams from Utah, Montana, South and North Dakota, Colorado, Montana, vendors selling lacrosse merchandise, and hopefully some food trucks.

We hope to have the Wind River Dancers to come and officially open to games with ceremonial dancing.  Our intention is to tie in the Indian heritage to the modern incarnation of the game - this should make it rather special.

It is an excellent, fun, exciting game that anyone can play that is easy to pick up and can be played with or without pads, by any age, and by any gender.

The Cowboy State Games wants to thank the city of Rock Springs and the Rock Springs Parks and Recreation Department for their support of the tournament!

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